Saturday, 2 April 2016

Darnell's April Fool's Day Boo Boo Hop

Yesterday, the sweet Darnell of djkardkreations was hosting a blog hop for her followers where they could share their card creation boo boos. I didn't think I had anything to link up, but when I was lying in my bed last night, I suddenly thought of the card I had recently created. This morning, I had 15 minutes left to link up my card, so I added a note to my original post here to share my boo boo.

Since I don't want my followers to miss out on my boo boo, I'm sharing it again in this new post.

My card below started life as a perfect one-layer card, but before I added the frosting to the cake, I decided to run my card through my Cuttlebug to flatten it out...folded and with another piece of cardstock as a shim... Not a good idea... The edges of my shim were embossed on my front panel and the heat embossed sentiment left an imprint on the inside of my card. I felt so lucky that I managed to salvage my panel by die cutting it and layering it on top of a new card...

Check out the other entries of the Blog Hop here for more boo boos. Of course, if you have made any boo boos, I would love to hear about them...


  1. Sounds like your card really went through some experimental stages Marianne but it still turned our beautifully.

    I think we all have boo boo's, more than once I have thrown a card in the bin because something went wrong, only to retrieve it later when a new ides for it came up.

    B x

  2. I'm glad you were able to salvage the panel in spite of the shim ruining the first try! Nice save and it really is a pretty card!

  3. I've learned the hard way about putting finished cards through the embosser! Most of my 1 layer cards end up being 2 or more layers. This turned out a keeper!

  4. Perfect save - such a lovely card!

  5. Yep, done the same thing, Marianne ... it's such a lovely card I'm so glad you made such a great save! Hugs, Anita :)

  6. what a beautiful and fun Birthday card! Love the watercolor on here!