Friday, 12 August 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 homework - batch 4

Without further ado, here's batch 4:

Day 3 - Grit paste grunge - I don't have any grit paste so I experimented with something I did have, namely CreaPaste Fine Sand. The image is a digital image from Tlc Creations.

Day 4 - Distress Crayon Gesso Fresco

Day 5 - Alcohol Ink Texture Resist on Yupo

Thanks again for visiting!


  1. WOW ... these are all gorgeous Marianne! Each of these gems is a work of art. xx

  2. Ik blijf me verbazen over al jouw variaties. Wat enkele technieken al mogelijk maken. Ineke☀️

  3. Oh, that last one looks like an underwater scene - all of them are beauties!

  4. Yupo paper is fabulous - like how yours came out!